How to tell if Cleaning Products are Eco-Friendly

Switching to an eco-friendly lifestyle is something all of us should consider, but the challenge is how to tell if cleaning products are eco-friendly when you are buying. One of the biggest pet peeves of those who have tried this is that not all eco-friendly cleaning products are truly effective. This article shows you how to shop around for such products and what to look for when making your buying decision.

Where to Start

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First of all, if you want to go eco-friendly, do it all the way! Choose eco friendly products for home cleaning, but also for laundry cleaning and personal cleaning. Just think about it this way: each and every time you clean something, you generate wastewater that ends up in the environment. If this wastewater contains harsh chemicals and potentially toxic residues, it will add to the general pollution. Since you are determined to make this switch, ensure that your wastewater is as harmless as possible to our environment.

Harmful Substances

When choosing eco-friendly home cleaning products, you have to aim for substances that are harmless yet effective. Most of the green cleaning products contain natural ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar and lemon. Such natural ingredients are the main thing to look for when choosing products for cleaning your house. At the same time, you need to know your body and the substances you may be allergic to. Safety should always go first, regardless of the type of eco friendly cleaning products you may be looking for.

Personal Health Considerations

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When it comes to home cleaning products, you can choose to wear gloves to protect yourself. Laundry detergents and personal cleaning products are special, as you can’t protect yourself with gloves or face masks. This is why you need to be very careful when shopping around for laundry detergent, shampoo, soap, body wash, toothpaste and other such products.

Purchasing eco-friendly cleaning products is great, but only if you pick ingredients that don’t cause you any harm; they need to not only be eco friendly but also personal health-friendly cleaning products. If you don’t really know what may harm you, consider getting tested for some of the most common allergens, in order to become aware of compounds you should stay away from.

More often than not, though, cleaners that are friendly to the environment won’t cause you any problems. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning here that some people may develop irritations and skin rashes when using baking soda, for instance. If you are one of these people, go for green products that contain other active ingredients such as vinegar and lemon.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products Effectiveness

In terms of effectiveness, you can increase the chances of buying the right products by searching online for product reviews. You can rest assured that ineffective cleaning products will attract lots of negative feedback from users. On the contrary, safe and highly effective cleaners will enjoy a lot of praise in consumer groups and discussion forums.

According to the Scientific American there are many natural options available which are at least as effective as synthetic chemicals. Of course the bonus of using eco-friendly cleaning products is they are natural and therefore safe for humans and the environment.


To stay on the safe side, you may want to order a limited amount when you buy a product for the first time. Once you get the chance to test it and you’re pleased with the results, you can go ahead and order larger quantities or even more cleaners belonging to the same brand or product line. Stick to this buying guide and you can’t go wrong as well as the recommended products in our reviews.

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