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Write For Us Environment – the eco friend!

Want to share your ideas about the environment, ecology and sustainable living on The Eco Friend? 

We accept environment guest posts from casual and professional bloggers who are interested in sharing their thoughts and ideas.  

However, we do not welcome poorly researched, poorly written, too short, not reader-friendly and content that provides no value to the readers. To prevent such attempts and save your as well as our time, we have revised our submission guidelines for our environment write for us page. 

Read our submission guidelines and requirements and then go ahead and send your guest post or pitch us at

Note: Ideas or concepts for article submissions can be mailed prior to writing the article for idea approval.



By Writing for the Eco Friend You Get to: 

  • A do-follow link to your website/blog/social media.
  • Connect with a global audience and get the opportunity to share your unique thoughts or ideas.
  •  Be a part of a community that focuses on sustainability and the positive.
  • Share a short biography about yourself at the end of the article known as Author Bio.


Guest Post Topics You Can Write About: 

  • Minimalist living
  • Eco-friendly hacks and tips
  • Zero waste lifestyle
  • Sustainability
  • Eco-friendly products and brands
  • Energy efficient or eco-friendly technologies
  • Identifying environmental issues and their solutions
  • Eco-friendly guide to different activities
  • Recycling tips

Content Submission Essentials:

  • Content must be original quality without any plagiarism.
  • Minimum article length: 1000+ words.
  • Use short paragraphs consisting of 2-4 lines to make it reader-friendly.
  • Use appropriate headings and subheadings.
  • After your article is published, it becomes the property of our website. Therefore we do not approve any article removal request afterward.
  • At least one image (1200 px in width) should be provided with the article.
  • When you’re providing images you have to share the source of the images.
  • Insert at least three necessary links to authoritative sites  (one dofollow links to your own site can be inserted).
  • We do not welcome promotional or commercial articles. Any external links to sales pages would be removed from the article if provided.


Formatting Guidelines: 

  • ‘Use Title Case Format’ for the post headings.
  • Maintain a specific distance between two paragraphs or heading and the paragraph.
  • Provide proper introduction and conclusion.
  • Use bullet points and numerical points where possible.
  • Specify your main keyword and let us know your main keyword for SEO purposes.

How to Submit a Guest Post 

Ready to write an article? Great! Pitch us at with the following information: 

  • Mention your name and provide minimum 3 topic ideas according to our required topics.
  • A link to your website for our review
  • Follow our subject code in your email subject 

If all guidelines are met, we’ll get back to you within 3 business days of receiving your mail.


In your subject, please mention any of the following search phrase you used to find us: 

  • Environment “write for us”
  • Sustainable “write for us”
  • Sustainable living “write for us”
  • Eco blog “write for us”
  • Environmental blog “write for us”
  • Green technology “write for us”
  • Self improvement “write for us”
  • Well being “write for us”
  • Green living “write for us”
  • Eco friendly “write for us”