10 Best Natural Cleaning Products for Your Home

Cleaning your home can be seen as a chore but it has never before been more important than it is now, but ideally, you want to use natural cleaning products. Our homes need to be a safe haven and being clean is a core element of being safe which is one of the “basic needs” identified in Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs. We all wish that our home looks clean and tidy for our guests but the Covid-19 pandemic has heightened our awareness of the necessity of cleanliness and protecting the environment. Keeping your house clean does not mean that you need to expose your home, or your household, to toxins and harmful chemicals that are dangerous for the environment.

The best alternative to these harmful chemicals is shifting to green cleaning products. These products clean your home naturally without leaving an unpleasant chemical residue and not harming your pets and loved ones.

These eco-friendly home cleaning products are made using sustainable manufacturing practices and are naturally safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable. That’s why they do not negatively impact the environment and do not leave a harmful impact on your family.

In this article we have listed the ten best eco-friendly house cleaning products available on the market. You can get these products by shopping online so there is no need to go into a store which is particularly difficult during current times.

1. Bon Ami Natural Cleaning Products

Bon Ami Powder cleanser is a trusted name in the industry and is known for providing quality cleaning without scratching. It easily cleans the kitchen, bath, and other surfaces. The powder uses feldspar and limestone as gentle abrasives and combines them with more sustainable cleaning agents such as renewable corn, coconut, and palm oil. The product also contains baking soda, which helps to absorb odors.

The powder-cleanser is completely earthen-friendly. It is hypoallergenic & contains no chlorine, perfume, or dye. It works best on granite, ceramic tiles, chrome, stainless steel, copper, cooktops and brass.

2. Better Life All-Purpose Cleaner

This is a 100% plant-based cleaning agent that contains powerful ingredients such as coconut and corn. The cleanser easily cuts through grease and grime. It is highly effective in toilets, countertops, appliances, upholstery, baseboards, walls, and floors.

The cleanser is free of alcohol, contains no petroleum solvents and no parabens. It is cruelty-free and is incredibly gentle on the planet. It is easy to use. Spray, wipe, and watch as it removes scuff marks from the wall or other such surfaces. It can remove all types of stains such as coffee, vanity, toothpaste, grease, and so on.

3. Puracy Pet Stain Remover, Professional Strength Odor Eliminator

This product is entirely safe for use and is best for cleaning the “accidents” our pets can have from time to time. The product is different from a natural laundry stain remover in the sense that it is much more focused on protein-based stains and low-foam technology. It is mostly used on carpets instead of corduroys.

The stain remover is made of highly-effective products derived from natural ingredients that are safe for your family as well as the environment. The stain remover removes odors, and messes without creating additional frustrations i.e., extra foam when rinsing, the stain left behind, etc.

4. Natural All-Purpose Cleaner Organic – Multi-Surface

Usually, we have a specific product for every single surface in our house but this does not always suit everyone’s cleaning routine or budget. Where you prefer a product that works well on all surfaces this one is highly recommended.

This multi-surface product is a necessary staple for your household as it works well on glass, toilets, floors, countertops, and much more. The cleanser comes with a unique and pleasant smell that is a blend of white tea and thyme extract.

The product is safe for family use and effective in cleaning all types of surfaces. It is tough on grease and grime and can easily clean your range and stovetop. Using this product, you can clean all the surfaces in your washroom, kitchen and around your home. While using it on mirrors and glass, make sure to buff it with a microfiber towel to avoid streaking.

5. PUUR Home Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

PUUR home products are made from natural plant-based ingredients so not only do they not harm the environment they also do not harm your skin like chemicals can. The product does not contain any synthetic preservatives, fragrances, dyes, petroleum-based ingredients, or enzymes.

It is entirely safe for your family as well as for pets. The product is made of plant-based non-toxic ingredients, is child-safe and has a lemon and lavender scent from pure essential oils.

PUUR Home all-purpose natural cleanser degreases all wipeable surfaces. Spray on the surface to be cleansed and then wipe it with a lint-free cloth. The product has been specially created by environmental scientists and is safe to use in your home.

6. Sun & Earth Floor Cleaner

This product is made of 100% plant-based cleaning agent. It is safe to use on hard surface as well as carpet as it contains no harsh chemicals.

It does not contain any petroleum-based solvents, bleach, chlorine, ammonia, dyes, phosphates or perfumes. It is naturally scented with a light citrus. This cleaner will provide a great clean that is safe for little feet, hands and paws!

7. KRUD KUTTER – Outdoors

This earth-friendly cleaning product is designed for the tough jobs. It is an earth-friendly water-based product that is biodegradable and odorless. It can be used with a pressure washer, pump sprayer brush, and roller if needed. It contains anti-corrosive agents to safeguard pressure washer parts. The spray is safe to be applied to fabric and does not leave any residue.

It works best for exterior siding, roofing, gutters, wood fences, walkways, and walls. It cuts through grease, grime, oil, tar, and wax. It is non-toxic and is bio-degradable. It cleans all those things which other cleaners usually don’t clean.

8. KRUD KUTTER – Indoor

This tough indoor product cleans and removes tough problems without the use of any harsh chemicals. It works on multiple surfaces such as tubs, tiles, sinks, and much more. It is effective on oil, grease, grime and sticky gooey messes.

Its environmentally friendly formula wipes out household stains including on laundry; it is safe for all washable, colorfast fabrics including cotton and synthetics.

It is bleach-free and safely removes tough stains. It protects the surfaces with an invisible shield and if you want to maintain a stain-free surface, repeat the process every 30 – 60 days.

Best of all this product is a blend of biodegradable cleaning products in a water-based solution. It contains no petroleum solvents, bleach or ammonia. It is a versatile fragrance-free cleaner that works for all types of cleaning.

9. Green Gobbler Drain Cleaner

This high-density main line drain opener comes with top reviews on Amazon. It has a thick, high-density formula which sinks right through water and clings to pipes to liquify tough drain obstructions. It can dissolve organic material and paper including grease, hair, oils, soap scum, baby wipes and paper products without using caustic chemicals. It is also great to use for preventive maintenance before you end up with a clogged drain.

It’s environmentally friendly, non-flammable and non-skin irritating formula does not damage pipes yet has industrial-strength. This product comes with a money back guarantee from the manufacturer.

10. NatureZway Reusable & Washable Bamboo Towels

Great for cleaning dirty messes including your hands after working in the garage or garden. These durable bamboo towels can be used wet or dry and are 10 times stronger than regular paper towels. Each can be reused up to 100 times making them not only better for the environment but cost effective.

They are super absorbent due to the absorption of bamboo. In fact they can absorb 7 times their size. The micro-pore structure of bamboo fibers allow the towels to absorb oil, grease and dirt while also cleaning up spills, washing cars, cleaning surfaces and drying up fluid.

In addition bamboo fiber is naturally antimicrobial, antifungal and absorbs odors. When you are done using the towel you simply wash and re-use it up to 100 times.

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Jared spent most of his working life in financial markets. He observed corporations making decisions for profit regardless of the impact on the environment. In many cases this was in full knowledge of the implications to the environment so it was a conscious decision of profit over our planet even though there were options that would deliver both albeit at a lower profit margin. As these decisions were outside of Jared's control he decided to make changes in his own life to help our planet. He found it difficult to find products that would have an impact as well as to find the correct information. It was from this frustration The Eco Friend was born.

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