Why Should You Use Environmentally Friendly Laundry Detergent? 10 Solid Reasons

If you are interested in bringing about environmentally friendly changes at your home then your laundry routine is an ideal place to get started. Laundry detergent is a product that is used in every house. Most of us are in the habit of using conventional detergents instead of using eco-friendly laundry detergent because conventional detergent is a more accessible and cheaper option.

However, our planet needs us to make the time and effort to shift towards using eco-friendly detergents. Adopting eco-friendly habits is not only a great option for your laundry but is even better for the planet.

Why Should You Avoid Using Conventional Laundry Detergents?

Conventional detergents might seem a more simple and accessible option. Still, the problem with using them is that every time you use these traditional and chemical-filled detergents, you are negatively affecting your family’s health as well as the aquatic life.

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Most of the conventional laundry detergents are a mixture of synthetic chemicals and additives that are harmful to you as well as your environment. Another problem associated with using traditional laundry detergent is that they leave a chemical residue on clothing, which is absorbed by your skin and gets inhaled into your lungs. This chemical residue is harmful as it may lead to severe ailments such as eczema, rashes, endocrine disruption, and some of these chemicals might even be carcinogens.

On the other hand, eco-friendly detergent is safe for you as well as the environment.

What Qualities Should You Look for While Buying an Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent?

With so many options available, you might get confused about which detergents you should buy? Or what qualities you should look for when buying an eco-friendly laundry detergent?

The answer is that you should choose a phosphate-free detergent that is not tested on animals, is biodegradable, and is packed in recyclable containers. You should also check its efficiency at 300C as these detergents need less energy.

In addition to that, you can also save money and water if you opt to go for concentrated detergents. Otherwise, you will need millions of litres of water to dilute conventional laundry detergents before bottling them.

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While buying, do not get trapped by the label that is marketed as “green” or “natural.” There are no regulations regarding a claim like this. Also, avoid going for ingredients such as optical brighteners, dyes, perfumes, bleach, or fabric softeners. Go for the most straightforward formula as possible.

10 Benefits of Using Environmentally Friendly Laundry Detergents

Let’s find out some of the reasons that will encourage you to shift towards eco-friendly detergents.

1. Made of Non-toxic and Natural Ingredients

Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergents are made of non-toxic and natural ingredients. They are neither harmful to you nor harmful to the environment. They are free from any toxic chemicals or pollutants and are free from harmful toxins as well.

The government certifies these products as organic after checking ingredients that are used for green cleaning products.

2. These Laundry Detergents are Completely Safe

Eco-Friendly laundry detergents are entirely safe as the film I which these detergents come gets completely dissolved in water and poses no risk. They are neither harmful to the water resources nor aquatic life.

3. Cause Less Wear and Tear

Eco-friendly laundry detergents are friendly towards your clothes. They cause less wear and tear to your garments and make sure that they last longer.

4. Available at Economical Price

Apart from being environmentally friendly, these laundry detergents are available at an economical price. They are less costly than conventional laundry detergents.

5. Whiten Clothes Without Leaving any Residue

Most of the conventional laundry detergents do whiten the clothes but, at the same time, leave a harmful chemical residue that causes different ailments. On the other hand, these eco-friendly laundry detergents do whiten the clothes, but they do not leave any toxic chemical residue.

6. Made of Plant-Based Ingredients

These eco-friendly laundry detergents are made of plant-based ingredients and petroleum-free formulas. They are biodegradable as well as vegan, and gluten-friendly.

7. Not Tested on Animals

These eco-friendly laundry detergents are neither made of any animal-based ingredients and have never been tested on animals.

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8. Free of Harmful Ingredients

Conventional laundry detergents contain harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalates, phosphates, NPEs/APEs, and even more such allergic chemicals, the environmentally friendly laundry detergents are free from such toxic substances. That’s why they do not cause any harm to the environment and are entirely safe to use.

9. Easily Rinse Out

These eco-friendly laundry detergents easily rinse out, which makes the handwashing a more comfortable and faster task.

10. Fragrance-Free Products

Eco-friendly laundry detergents are fragrance-free products. It means they do not contain any harmful chemicals that might have been added to add fragrance.

Final Words

From the discussion above, we can summarise that using eco-friendly laundry detergents is healthy for the environment as well as your family. Eco-friendly laundry detergents do not contain harmful chemicals and hence do not cause any problems for our waterways and the creatures and plant life that live in them.

On the other hand, conventional laundry detergents are harmful to the environment and may cause specific problems for you and your family. Hence, it is always recommended to shift towards these eco-friendly laundry detergents so that you can contribute towards creating a green environment.

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