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It’s no secret that our society creates a lot of waste. In fact, the amount of garbage we produce each year is downright staggering. In fact, the average person produces 4.4 pounds of waste each day. 

With a little creativity, it is easy to find ways to reuse your garbage instead of sending it to the landfill. Here are just a few examples of innovative ways to recycle your trash: 

Innovative and Unique Ways To Reuse Your Garbage

Milk Jug Planters

Reusing common household items is to create milk jug planters for your garden. These easy-to-transport planters are perfect for housing small plants or starting seedlings. To create a milk jug planter, simply clean out a used milk jug and remove the labels.

Poke a few small holes in the bottom of the jug for drainage and fill with potting mix. Plant your seeds or seedlings, add water, and you’re ready to go!

Plastic Soda Bottles Bird Feeder

Plastic Soda Bottle

One unique way to reuse your garbage is to turn plastic soda bottles into bird feeders. To make a soda bottle bird feeder, simply remove the bottom of the bottle and flip it upside down. Then, cut a small hole in the side of the bottle and thread a length of string through it.

Next, fill the bottle with birdseed and tie the string around a tree branch or other support. Finally, sit back and enjoy watching the birds flock to your homemade feeder.

Egg Carton Seed Starters

One way to reuse your garbage is using paper egg cartons as seed starters. The paper is biodegradable, so once the seedlings are big enough, you can plant them directly in the ground. Egg cartons are also a great way to recycle newspapers. Just cut the egg cartons into individual sections and roll up the newspaper tightly.

Then, wet the newspaper and place it in the egg carton. The newspaper will absorb moisture and provide nutrients for the seedlings.

Newspaper Cleaning

Newspaper is amazing for cleaning things up. When you rip it into strips, it can get into all the nooks and crannies of things to clean them up better than a paper towel ever could. It’s also way cheaper.

You can use it to dust, clean windows, or even line your cat’s litter box. Best of all, it’s easily recyclable when you’re done with it.

Newspaper For Protection


Newspapers can be used to line shelves and drawers, protecting them from dirt and dust. It can also be used to wrap breakable items, such as dishes and glassware. In addition, the newspaper makes excellent packing material for delicate items that need to be shipped.

By reusing in this way, newspaper helps to keep your home clean and clutter-free while also reducing waste. So the next time you’re about to throw away that stack of old newspapers, think twice – you may be able to put them to good use.

Newspaper Bag Gloves

Use newspaper as bag gloves. Simply slip a bag over your hand and you’ll have an easy way to protect your hands from getting dirty. Plus, you can recycle the bag when you’re done. Newspapers are also great for wrapping breakable items, like dishes or glassware. 

Newspaper Bags for Animal Waste

Newspaper Bags is a great way to reduce the amount of plastic that gets thrown away, and it’s also eco-friendly. Plus, it’s a great way to keep your furry friend’s messes contained. All you need to do is line a bag with some old newspapers, and then scoop up the waste as usual.

When you’re done, just tie up the bag and dispose of it in your regular trash can. It’s that easy!

Old Bread Croutons

Did you know that you can also reuse your old bread to make croutons? Simply cut the bread into cubes, drizzle with olive oil and your favorite seasonings, and bake in a preheated oven until crispy.

Not only is this a great way to reduce food waste, but it also allows you to customize your croutons to suit your taste. You can also use stale bread to make bread pudding or crumble it into a coarse powder to use as a topping for casseroles or salads.

Old Typewriter Key Cufflinks

You can repurpose the old keys by transforming them into cufflinks. This is a unique and awesome gift for any occasion. The best part about this idea is that it reuses something that would otherwise be garbage. It’s important to be innovative when it comes to recycling and garbage.

There are many ways to do this, and old typewriter key cufflinks are one great example.

Toilet Paper Tube Pet Toys

Pill containerYou can reuse toilet paper tubes to make pet toys out of them. Cats especially love to play with toilet paper tubes, and they make great tunnels for small rodents to burrow in. So next time you’re about to throw away a toilet paper tube, consider giving it new life as a pet toy instead.

Empty Pill Container Organizers

Most people don’t think twice about throwing away an empty pill bottle. However, these bottles can actually be reused in a variety of ways. For example, they make great organizers for small items like herbs or jewelry.

Simply clean out the bottle and add a label. You can also use them to hold office supplies, like paper clips or pushpins. Pill bottles are also useful for travel. They’re the perfect size for carrying small amounts of shampoo, lotion, or sunscreen.

Empty Pill Container First Aid Kit

Pill containers can be used as a first aid kit. You can fill the container with band-aids, antiseptic cream, and other small items. This way, you’ll always have a small first aid kit on hand, and you won’t have to waste any more plastic pill containers.


So, the next time throw your unwanted things in the garbage, think twice! There are many creative ways to reuse your garbage and reduce your environmental impact. With a little bit of effort, you can help make our planet a more sustainable place.

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