Eco-friendly Toilet Paper [5 best biodegradable toilet papers]

In today’s guide, we’re gonna find out if the toilet paper we use everyday is recyclable or not. But that’s not the best thing! You’ll get our hand picked recommendations on top 5 most eco friendly options out there.

So, let’s have the basics first…

Is Toilet Paper Recyclable?

You can recycle toilet paper rolls among other products such as body wash, shampoo and toothpaste tubes so that you can have eco-friendly toilet paper. Some of the papers that should not be recycled are treated and coated paper, i.e. cereal boxes, paper with food waste and so many others.

Types of Recycled Paper

1. Seventh Generation Toilet Paper

Seventh Generation White Toilet Paper 2-Ply 100% Recycled Paper, 24 Count of 240 Sheets Per Roll, Pack of 2


  •  Shipment includes two packs of 24 roll packs
  •  Has 240 sheets per roll
  •  Made with 100% recycled paper
  • It’s safe as it’s made of rain-forest alliance certified paper

2. Marcal Toilet Paper

Marcal - MRC6079 Toilet Paper 100% Recycled - 2 Ply White Bath Tissue, 336 Sheets Per Roll - 48 Rolls per Case Green Seal Certified Toilet Paper 06079


  • Has 48 rolls of bathroom tissue
  • Green seal certified toilet paper
  • Septic safe tissue paper
  • Absorbent and soft toilet paper

Is Recycled Toilet Paper Safe?

It is not safe and if the product consists of chemicals, assume they are toxic. Ensure that you avoid thermal paper because it’s always recycled and can become contaminated during the process.

The ink used during the recycling process is soft. It is best to avoid touching the recycled paper. Keep in mind that the chemicals used are readily absorbed through the skin.

Using recycled or non-recycled toilet paper depends on you. It is expensive and if you can afford it go for it. It is good to try new things. It’s worth it to try and save a lot of natural resources.

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Eco-friendly?

Yes, the amount of BPA in this toilet paper is low and it is one of the best for the environment. It doesn’t contain plastic nor BPA, that is why it is the best.

Elvissmart Ultra Soft Bamboo Toilet Paper, 200 Sheets/Roll-3600 Total Bath Tissue


  • Cuts down deforestation
  • Stronger and cooler
  • Biodegradable
  • Safer to use than recycled tissues
  • No chemicals used since bamboo is white soft and strong
  • Bamboo has a fast rate of growth that does not require additives to speed up the process
  • Bamboo is a sustainable natural product on earth
  • No destruction of the ecosystem as long as commercial farming of bamboo is possible

Why Eco-friendly Toilet Paper?

One of the best alternatives to toilet paper is weed millennium. It has fresh fluffy leaves that can go in pit toilets and composting toilets. If you can’t use that option, then opt for recycled paper.

Types of Eco-friendly Toilet Paper Brands

1. Tree Free Bamboo Toilet Paper

Caboo Tree Free Bamboo Toilet Paper with Septic Safe Biodegradable Bath Tissue, Eco Friendly Soft 2 Ply Sheets - 300 Sheets Per Roll, 24 Double Rolls

  • Septic safe
  • Made of sugarcane and bamboo
  • It’s hypoallergenic
  • Biodegradable

2. Aria Toilet Paper Bath Tissue

Aria Premium, Earth Friendly Toilet Paper, 24 Mega Rolls, 24 = 96 Regular Rolls, 6 Count (Pack of 4)


  • Recyclable packaging
  • Made with 100% 
  • Renewable power
  • Three trees are planted each one used

3. Marcal Waste Toilet Paper

Marcal - MRC6079 Toilet Paper 100% Recycled - 2 Ply White Bath Tissue, 336 Sheets Per Roll - 48 Rolls per Case Green Seal Certified Toilet Paper 06079


  • 100% recycled
  • Green seal certified
  • Plastic-free
  • Each Paper roll is wrapped individually

4. Reel Tree-free Toilet Paper

Reel Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper - 24 Rolls of Toilet Paper - 3-Ply Made From Tree-Free, 100% Bamboo Fibers - Eco-Friendly and Zero Plastic Packaging


  • Has no dyes not inks
  • Consists of 300 sheets per roll
  • Free delivery
  • It is a 3-ply

6. Green toilet paper


  • Certified by FSC
  • Has 240 sheets per roll
  • It is 100% recycled paper packaging
  • 100% bamboo toilet paper
  • Types of eco-friendly toilet paper
  • Bleached/unbleached

Many toilet papers are white, and color depends on the type of material used, whether recycled paper, trees, sugarcane or bamboo.

To make pink or white toilet papers, chlorine and dyes are added to the conventional bath tissue to produce that color.

Keep in mind that the chemicals used are not suitable for your health and the environment. When purchasing toilet paper, it’s good to buy non-bleached ones.

Organic Toilet Paper

Organic can be defined in so many terms. It is natural or eco-friendly, while scientifically, it means it came from a living thing or an organic source.

In terms of toilet paper, organic means no bleach was added to the product and it’s excellent for use.

Zero Waste Toilet Paper

Paper rolls are mostly in thick plastic, yet it’s not too necessary. Packing toilet paper in plastic was meant to prevent it from getting wet or dusty during storage or delivery.

Nowadays, there is no need for plastic because once you order a roll of tissue, it’s delivered immediately to your doorstep.

Manufacturers deliver toilet paper with no plastic by wrapping the rolls with recyclable paper covers, put them in paper boxes and your zero waste toilet paper arrives safely.

Biodegradable Toilet Paper

A biodegradable material decomposes by a natural biological process. Paper products made from the following items are biodegradable. Sugarcane, bamboo and tree pulp these materials can easily break down in a biological process.

Recycled Toilet Paper

Several tissue paper brands have started using recycled toilet paper as part of their mix or as the primary material. Recycled paper is cleaned, softened and whitened to turn it into a recycled toilet paper.

Recycled toilet paper consists of two types of paper, the leftover papers being reused and the other type comes from the end-user who might have used it once and then recycled it at home.

Bamboo Toilet Paper

The use of disposable bamboo products has currently become a good trend. Bamboos are advantageous much more than trees when making things like disposable cutlery, toilet paper, paper towels, tissue napkins and so many other things.

Pros of Bamboo Toilet Paper

  • Requires less land
  • Grows very fast
  • Requires less water
  • Regenerates and can be harvested every year

Toilet Paper Alternatives


It is a small bowl that someone can use to rinse themselves after using the toilet.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are a great alternative since they do not cause skin irritation.

Sanitary Pads

Pads are thicker than toilet paper, you can use one instead of tissue paper and in these cases, you should not use many of them.

Reusable Cloth

It’s known as family cloth and can be cleaned and used again and again.

Napkins and Tissue

You can use napkins instead of tissues. They have a similar thickness to tissue. Be kind because some of them are rough to use.

You can also use facial tissue but go for those with no fragrance to prevent your skin from itching. Dispose of tissues and napkins after use. Do not flush them.

Towels and Washcloths

Washcloths and towels are soft. Make more petite strips by cutting a few large towels. You can as well purchase a lot of hand rags and store them near the toilet.


Some people can find it hard using sponges. Before using the sponge, ensure that it’s wet. After that, wring it out to ensure that it is soft and ready for use.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Toilet Paper

  1. Know the different grades of toilet paper
  2. Learn how to determine the quality of toilet paper
  3. Texture is another crucial factor
  4. The strength of tissue paper matters a lot
  5. Decide whether you want wipes or toilet paper
  6. Go for eco-friendly toilet paper

To Wrap Up

You should be extra keen on choosing toilet papers, some are good and some are bad. Learn about various types of tissues and how they are made, know whether they are made of chemicals.

Keep comfort at the top of your list, don’t purchase cheap products in the name of cutting costs. Remember that in case of anything, you are the one who suffers.

Choosing toilet paper is a challenging task that is always taken for granted. A toilet is among the most essential features in a home and should never be ignored. Take time to consider your toilet paper, spend extra cash on a good brand.

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